A Guide to The Top Fat Fighting Foods

Are you looking to shed some weight? Well, this guide will help you know which foods will
help you shed the extra fat.

1. Fatty fish:

They include oily fish such as mackerel, sardines, herring, and salmon,
among other omega-3 fatty acids. They decrease the risk of developing heart disease
and reduce inflammation. A six-week study conducted on 44 adults showed that
people who take fish oil supplements lose about 1.1 pounds of fat and reduce their
stress hormone known as cortisol that increases fat storage. Fish a rich source of
protein ad it increases metabolism that aids in the digestion of carbohydrates or fat.
Make sure your diet has at least 100grams of fatty fish twice every week.

2. MCT Oil:

The oil is extracted from palm or coconut oil and is available in stores and
online. It is metabolized differently in comparison to other long-chain fatty acids
that are present in most foods. They are shorter and this makes their absorption
easier by the liver. This makes it easier for them to be used immediately for the
generating of energy for use by the body. This means that they are the best option
for people who want to execute high-intensity workouts.

3. Coffee:

This popular beverage is a rich source of caffeine and it boosts physical and mental
performance. It aids in burning fat. It is the most effective when it is taken just
before a workout. The energy boost allows a person to exercise 17% longer than
people who do not take caffeine before their workout. It increases the rate of
metabolism by 3 to 13%, but this depends on the response of the person or the
amount of caffeine consumed. Makes rue you take about 100 to 400 mg on a daily

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4. Eggs:

Most people avoid them because egg yolks are known to be high in cholesterol. On
the other hand, eating the whole egg helps in protecting the health of the heart,
especially for people who are at risk of developing heart disease. They promote
weight loss by reducing hunger and promoting a satiating feeling. This makes it hard
for a person to binge eats foods with high cholesterol. It is rich in protein and when
the protein is digested it boosts calorie burning. This is because the body requires a
lot of energy to digest proteins. You could include eggs in your diet or meals to boost
weight loss.

5. Coconut oil:

It aids in weight loss, decreases triglycerides and increases good HDL
cholesterol. Its weight loss benefit stems from the fact that the oil mainly consists of
MCTs. MCTs are known to suppress appetite and burn fat. Coconut is stable at high
temperatures making it good for cooking. This means that its metabolism boosting
property is stable even when used to cook. Make sure you consume about two tablespoons of coconut oil on a daily basis to aid you in maximizing the reduction of
fat. Make sure you gradually increase the intake of coconut oil for better results.


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