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Affordable and Accessible healthcare
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Sahl Health begun operation in November 2021 with inspiration and guidance by our mission to help people live a healthier, happier and longer lives. We aim to be the preferred partner for health seekers when when accessing healthcare.

Our promise is to help health seekers through our innovations access medical services in a standardized, predictable and competitive way, eliminating unnecessary costs, inflated bills, unethical and immoral practices during access to medical care thus improving trust among the healthcare players.

Sahl Health App
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How It works

We ensure you get the best and most affordable health services

Free Membership

Health seeker becomes our community member through registration via web-based portal and activated

Access to subsidized prices

Members benefit from subsidized pre negotiated prices with medical providers .

Online Cost of Service

-Be able to know the price range (min and max price) charged for particular service for you to make informed choice

Offer your price

Members can also submit bids or offer their prices for costly services to get the best price before its done

Access with Limit

Search the medical provider you Enjoy the rebate model or access medical services within your limit to avoiding to stay within your budget. When you visit a medical provider as a member, you shall inform them to initiate an open or closed visit through our platform

Medical Bill negotiation

Furthermore, if necessary, we can negotiate a medical bill on your behalf as a member after receiving medical attention from one of our medical providers.

Network of Health Providers

Enjoy access to our network of medical providers across the country, including your favorite provider who have subsidized their prices through our platform.

Meet Our Team

Transforming Healthcare Everyday Everywhere

Eric Peti

Team Leader

Kelly Kinuthia

Corporate Development Lead

Alex Kachu

Digtal Lead

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