Before you seek medical advice, read this

I have firsthand experience with quack doctors and unprofessional health providers. But before you come at me please hear me out. Do not make the same mistake I did. ”Health practitioners” are increasingly mishandling and mismanaging unsuspecting Kenyans. We have seen it in the news and in the inter webs. I know just how tormenting it can be to find out that you have been taking medication for the wrong ailment because of one word-misdiagnosis. Think of the money and the time invested to achieve good health. Sometimes it is not a question of lack of training in the medical field but a case of sheer negligence! There is indeed urgent need for proper regulation and licensure in the practice of healthcare. In Kenya this is the mandate of the Medical practitioners and dentists board (KMPDU).

In case you may be wondering pharmacists too are required to have legitimate medical qualifications to dispense drugs.

How to check if a doctor is registered/licensed.

In Kenya, the medical council aims at ensuring that all Kenyans receive quality treatment from registered and licensed practitioners and facilities. There is a list on KMPDU’S website where you can check if your health practitioner is legitimate. Complaints of malpractice can also be lodged there.

What are some of the malpractices in medical practice

Malpractices by pharmacies include for instance, hiring unqualified personnel, selling drugs without a doctors prescription and false advertising.

•Disclosing patient’s condition to a third party,

•Misdiagnosing an illness

•Failure of a nurse to keep resident physician informed of a patients condition.

•Failure to administer proper treatment .

•Giving the wrong dosage of medicine.

•Misreading an x-ray

The list could go on and on but it’s important to know that as a patient you are entitled to dignified treatment.

Finally, did you know that you can seek legal redress if ever you ever found yourself on the receiving end of these underhand tactics? There are laws to deal with malpractice and negligence. The constitution of Kenya guarantees each one the right to the highest attainable standards of health.

As a health seeker you have to do your due diligence to ensure that you do not fall prey to these fraudsters posing as health practitioners.

To save you from this hustle and bustle ,we have a list of regulated health providers to help you on your journey to wellness. We guarantee you convenience and affordability on top of world-class services. There are many things one can gamble with but ones health should not be one of those. For more information feel free to call +254769687287.

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