Baby Nutrition

After birth, newborns are no longer connected to mom’s bloodstream and will need extra care and attention to obtain the nutrients they need for healthy growth. There are many options on the table, and the most common sequence is trying breastfeeding first, supplementing with infant formula, slowly moving to solid foods, and including cow’s milk and other foods progressively.

Infant nutrition might seem challenging at first because it is not guided by the same principles as adult and even childhood nutrition. That is why first-time fathers are usually very nervous around this topic and need careful guidance to clear out their doubts.

In this article, we are going to cover the steps babies need to take in order to be properly nourished, and the current recommendations of the medical community to grow a healthy baby.

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Nutrition (0-6 months)

The safest recommendation to maintain a healthy newborn baby is

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Nutrition (6-12 months)

Around 4 months, your baby will be prepared to start

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Nutrition (1-5 years)

After one year, it is possible to introduce whole milk

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Breast feeding and Birth Control

It is exhausting, just having had the baby! One thing

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