Baby Sleeping Patterns

Having a baby’s sleep has turned into a landmark for people talking about a good night’s rest. Ironically, babies are known to wake up several times during the night, and recent studies show that the sleeping patterns of newborns and infants affect the sleeping quality of their parents for a few years after conception. Most first-timers feel perplexed and do not know what to expect about their baby’s sleep. Is it normal for them to wake up so repeatedly in the middle of the night? Are they sleeping too much during the daytime?

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Baby Sleeping Patterns 1-3 months

Is your baby sleeping too much?Even though it is normal

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Baby Sleeping Patterns 4-7 Months

By this stage, babies sleep for 13 hours, and their

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Baby Sleeping Patterns 8-12 Months

 Shortly before turning one year old, babies do not change

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