Getting Started

If you are planning a pregnancy, probably a lot of questions arise in your mind. What are the odds? When to have sex? How often to have sex? How long will it take to get pregnant after going off the pill? Here, we will answer your questions.

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What are the Odds of Getting Pregnant?

Women often wonder what are the odds for them to

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How Often to have Sex?

There is no upper limit, really. You should have sex

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Signs of Ovulation

To successfully conceive soon after you start trying, it is

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Understanding your Menstrual Cycle

Understanding your menstrual cycle can help you a great deal

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Pre-pregnancy Checklist

Pregnancy is a wonderful journey, it is important to be

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Pregnancy after Age 35

Getting pregnant is one of the best things you can

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Understanding Artificial Insemination

As opposed to the common notion, simply having sex does

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Alcohol Effects on Your Pregnancy and Fetus

If you are pregnant, or planning to become pregnant anytime

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Understanding Menopause

During the menstruation, the body expels the old uterine layer

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