The Possible end of finger pricking for glucose monitoring

Diabetes is considered a global health epidemic and causes quite a large number of people to pass away at an early age. In the last few decades, there has been a significant increase in the prevalence of the disease. In 1980, there were an estimated 108 million people throughout the world living with the disease. Today, almost half a billion people have been diagnosed with the disease. This accounts for around 8.5% of the global population. 

Once diagnosed, it becomes crucial for a person to monitor their blood glucose levels frequently. This helps the individual understand whether or not their diabetes is in a controlled state and to take appropriate action when they have a significant spike in their blood sugar levels.

The most common method used to test blood glucose levels includes a finger prick test, which can be done at home or by visiting a local clinic. Unfortunately, many people find finger pricking multiple times a day to be unpleasant, and it can also cause them to experience pain.

Is Prickless Blood Glucose Monitoring Possible?

Companies have recently started to investigate the use of certain devices that can assist in monitoring a person’s blood glucose levels without the need for finger pricking. We have already seen various products released on the market that aims to reduce the amount of finger pricking that is involved in monitoring a patient’s diabetes and blood sugar control. Many companies are also developing more advanced systems that would ultimately provide a more accurate way of having an always-on monitoring system that can alert a patient of sudden changes in their blood sugar levels. 

The FreeStyle Libre Flash has recently been commercialized and is already available in more than 40 countries around the world. This device utilizes a patch that is placed on the skin and can instantly report a patient’s blood glucose levels. A compact device comes with the patch that can provide a reading of the patient’s sugar levels with the press of a button – without the need for a blood sample. 

Many other products have also been released, and some are currently in development. Other popular options that diabetic patients are able to choose from include GlucoSense, NovioSense, and GlucoWise. 


Individuals with diabetes need to monitor their blood glucose levels to detect sudden changes continuously. This can assist in better controlling blood sugar levels and can help a person avoid potential complications that may be caused by a sudden rise or drop in their glucose levels. While finger pricking has been the default method of testing blood glucose levels for the past few decades, health care companies are now investing in products that would allow monitoring diabetes without the need to prick the patient's finger frequently.

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