World's first Non-invasive wound closure-zipline

What is zipline? 

Zipline is a zip-like skin closure system that mimics previous skin closure systems like sutures, staples, glue (cyanoacrylates) by providing ample tension to the wound site so that there would not be any dehiscence and healing is promoted. 

What is the application of zipline healthcare

Zipline is an innovative product that surpasses the limitations of previously used skin closure systems. Zipline uses a system of adhesive strips and zip ties to close the wound site. The non-invasive nature of the product makes it relatively easy and safe to apply. Paramedics, nurses and first-aid attendants can use Zipline. It can be used both in emergency situations and in the operation theater. 

How does Zipline differ from previous Skin Closure Systems

The product differs from previous ones as:

  • It is non-invasive. It does not penetrate the skin.
  • Due to this property, Zipline takes up minimum time for application as compared to others which take longer. So, it can be used even in emergency situations.
    There is minimum chance of infection or rejection as it is not implanted inside the body. 
  • It serves as an additional protective shield for the wound, keeping it safe from external friction from surfaces like clothes, skin, et cetera. 
  • As opposed to stitches and staples, Zipline serves its purpose well, eliminating the prospect of pain from the equation. 
  • Normal suturing and staples have been widely used methods to close a wound after an injury or surgery. Over time, suture and staples induce the production of a scar as the wound heals. Using Zipline, the patient will not have any scars. Hence, aesthetic appeal will be preserved. 
  • With Zipline, the length and tension of the closure system can be easily adjusted. This is by far the most important addition. By cutting the device at the appropriate point, the length can be adjusted. The tension can also be adjusted multiple times without limit because of the adapting strap-rock system.
  • Since there is no resistance between the skin flaps of a wound, the area heals faster than it would with sutures or staples. 

How has Zipline Improved Healthcare

Zipline has redefined minimally-invasive medical technology. With such a simple design making use of an adhesive and a zip tie, the product has proved a true modern innovation. The product also has minimal adverse effects. Zipline can be used in any clinical setting with least discomfort to the patient. Non-invasive technology supports quick use. The product can be used by anyone as it is user-friendly. The advantages weigh well over the disadvantage of it being costly.

What is the future of Zipline skin closure system?

Zipline is no doubt a great innovation and has made a mark in the medical field. The product was made in Silicon Valley and has been in use in the United States. It is being tested in various private settings all over America. Zipline is being tested in clinical settings in China and Japan. A study has also been conducted in Japan testing the effectiveness of Zipline closure system over previous methods.

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