How Gender Expectations Impact Customer Service

Whether we’re talking about relationships, leisure, or work, gender differences play a significant role in the way we interact with the spaces and places around us. It is, after all, a marker of identity that helps us make sense of ourselves, and the world.…

What Does It Take To Eradicate Measles In Kenya?

Children are a blessing from God and therefore, there’s no reason for them to suffer from preventable diseases” – Dr Mercy Mwangangi, Chief Administrative Secretary for Health.

On 25th June 2021, the Government of Kenya, Ministry of Health (GoK-MoH) in collaboration with UNICEF, WHO, US Centre for Disease Control & Prevention, and Gavi the vaccine alliance launched a 10-day measles-rubella (MR) vaccination campaign targeting 4 million children of ages less than 59months amid of COVID 19 pandemic.…

Types of Customer Service Your Business Can Adopt Today

Here is the outline for the most common types of customer services. Let’s explore each one of them and see how they can help your business in improving the customer experience


Corporate Wellness

Having a robust corporate wellness program provides your organization the competitive edge that it is always looking for to attract and retain top and best talent

These programs are made to help and motivate a holistic approach to employee wellness by creating a healthy culture for one’s organization.…

Effects of Refrigeration on Food

Refrigeration is a technique used for food preservation in low temperatures. This procedure slows down or stop most bacteria from dividing and thereby multiplying, but does not kill them.

The history of the refrigerator began in the 1920s.…

Understanding Digital Health

The digital space is changing rapidly over time as companies rush to provide their services to a wider online market. There has been a rise of international companies leaning towards digital media for sales, e-commerce websites like Alibaba, Amazon, transport companies like Uber and Bolt.…