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Our network of health providers of more than 500 in Kenya are delighted to help companies reduce claim on their medical bills by offering up to 15 percent discount thus improving their overall bottom line.

The benefits of starting a corporate plan are plenty, no matter how many employees you have.

  • You reduce your total annual healthcare and insurance costs by up to 15%
  • You get unlimited offers and discounts of up to 20% from our healthcare and wellness partners, making quality healthcare affordable to your employees.
  • With your employees healthy, they become happier, more productive and ultimately loyal
  • Your brand reputation improves
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Corporate Wellness Program


Sahl Health is your dedicated partner to create a corporate wellness program that will inspire your employees to make simple and positive changes to improve their health. Our programs prevent at-risk employees from becoming ill and help chronically ill employees stabilize their conditions in addition to lifestyle programs

Our wellness mantra is: Prevent More, Save More.

Biometric Screenings

On-site screening events and optional onsite blood sample collection for tests are streamlined and empowering. We help employees identify existing healthy habits to build from, so they’re motivated to make improvements.

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All-inclusive pricing with no hidden fees
Staffed by passionate healthcare professionals trained by us
Multiple screening options and flexible delivery models

Health Education Wellness Program.

Develop and support a culture of happiness and well-being within an organization. Help your employees live healthier, happier and longer with a solution that’s easy to use and easy to manage.

Engagement-based program drives results Integrates biometric screening data Offers a comprehensive view of your employees’ wellness

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Health Assessment Program

Focus on health risks that really matter.

Annual health assessments have been a staple of health promotion for years because they provide a snapshot of the health of an organization. This information can help company leaders discover health trends impacting their employee population and measure progress year-over-year. They also help employees understand their current health status and create a solid foundation for making lifestyle changes. Health assessments create a teachable and actionable moment for your employees, which is a great first step for most wellness programs.

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Health Screening Program

Health screening for insurance clients before issuing medical policy and pre employment health checkup for employers. This ensures and informs the company the present health status and well-being of the newly hired candidate on work or newly medical policy holder. Today it is customary for many companies to get the health checkup done at the time of hiring and on annual basis as well.

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Are You An Employer?

If you are an employer, insurer looking to offer wellness programs to your own employees or partners, we can help with that too! We'd love to learn what you're looking for and help bring your corporate wellness vision alive.

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