Corporate Wellness

Having a robust corporate wellness program provides your organization the competitive edge that it is always looking for to attract and retain top and best talent

These programs are made to help and motivate a holistic approach to employee wellness by creating a healthy culture for one’s organization. Providing a corporate wellness program that stretches beyond traditional wellness programs harvests healthy habits among the employee populations and boosts healthy outcomes, as well as increasing productivity, optimizing human talent and resource investments strengthening employee engagement.

Importance of Corporate Wellness

Several chronic diseases are preventable and implementing corporate wellness programs is an effective way to educate employees on the worthiness of creating healthy habits and the importance of sticking to wellness goals. In terms of results, employers are broadening their wellness program approach from 1 size fits all, to a corporate wellness program that is tailor-made to the individual. To assist employees in their overall wellness journey, employers are searching for products and services that work from this shared orientation. Corporate wellness programs are one such thing.

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Employees spend the majority of their time in the workplace, and linking the wellness goals with work-life balance is mission vital to driving overall business outcomes. A corporate wellness program is a must-have to the base of your business. Developing a successful corporate wellness program takes effort and time, and includes a wellness solution that incorporates the organization’s culture. Employee wellness programs must continually evolve to meet the employees’ requirements to help them achieve their wellness goals, thereby helping the business goals. Having healthier employees supports cut rising healthcare expenses to give your financial bottom line a true boost. Giving a robust corporate wellness program provides your organization the competitive edge that it is always looking for to attract and retain top and best talent.

Benefits of corporate wellness programs.

  • Improve Employee Health Behaviour

The basis of each good wellness program is behavioral change. With the proper education, skills, encouragement, tools, and social support, people alter behavior. Corporate wellness programs are excellent at assisting people to adopt and maintain healthy behaviors. This is probably the greatest benefit of having a wellness program.

Healthy behaviors reduce health risks, consequently leading to fewer chronic diseases and employees have fewer health care expenses to worry about. 

  • Lowers Elevated Health Risks
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The aim of any good wellness program should be focused on assisting employees to adopt healthy conduct. Higher blood glucose, high cholesterol, and high blood pressure are certainly all caused by unhealthy diets and lack of or no physical activity.

When one adopts a healthy pattern of behavior it means you change your diet, become more active, and avoid alcohol or tobacco. These may look like small changes initially but help in the long run.

Reductions in high health risks is essential. When one is able to reduce something like cholesterol it also benefits other factors such as providing you with good heart health.

Low health risks are the basis of good and strong health, and wellness programs are a great way to help employees and their spouses avoid elevated health risks. There are several research papers that suggest wellness programs help reduce higher health risks. When one is able to reduce health complications it means less absenteeism from work.

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  • Reduces Medical Costs

The corporate wellness programs have a good impact on the financial aspect as well.

The ability of a corporate wellness program to help reduce healthcare costs depends upon how good the program really is. Having an occasional lunch and getting to know about nutrition or just undertaking a biometric screening will not be sufficient to move the healthcare cost at all.

  • Decrease In Employee Absenteeism

Another wonderful aspect of corporate wellness programs is that they can contribute to reduced absenteeism. Organizations with a good wellness program can experience reduced absenteeism for a number of reasons:

·         Employees with good health conditions have lower absenteeism.

·         Those that can manage their stress have lower absenteeism.

·         Employees with good and normal blood pressure, cholesterol, and glucose have also lower absenteeism.

·         Employees who are not overweight or obese have fewer chances to fall sick hence, leading to lower absenteeism.

  • Improves Productivity

Low employee productivity can be described as physically being at work but not working as much. This kind of poor productivity is called presenteeism. It is believed that the cost linked with presenteeism due to poor employee health is at least 2-3 times greater than direct health care costs.

There are plenty of reasons why employees have low or poor productivity. They may not know how to utilize the equipment, distractions by other employees, they might not know what they are doing, fatigue, or they might be on social media. One of the major causes of presenteeism is poor health. And presenteeism happens mostly owing to a poor lifestyle. Thus, corporate wellness programs assist employees to have good health behavior to eventually have an impact on productivity as it will be a great tool to eradicate the causes of presenteeism.

  • Helpful in Employee Retention and Recruitment

If you see an organization that focuses on having regular corporate wellness programs that also leads the way towards a better rate of employee retention and recruitment. Because now employees apart from money also look into the factors whether an organization has a good support system for its employees or not. When any organization offers a wellness program that too which is free of cost for its employees it shows it cares about the employee’s well-being. When an existing employee remains happy it automatically helps in retaining them and also through those employees themselves the organization can also avail new recruitment as mostly the present employees share about their organization’s motive that it actually cares for its employees. There are several companies that are working exclusively to look after their employees’ well-being through good corporate wellness programs.

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