Molnupiravir; A Covid-19 Breakthrough?

From the onset of the Covid-19 virus, researchers, scientists and medical professionals have been on their toes trying to find a long-term solution once and for all. The development of the Covid-19 virus is a great milestone. There is an even greater development of the molnupiravir drug. Molnupiravir has recorded overwhelmingly positive results during its trial. The big question therefore is, could this be the holy grail the world needs to combat the virus? Britain has become the first country to approve the revolutionary oral antiviral pill in a bid to fight the Covid-19 virus.

The drug, molnupiravir has come in highly recommended. This is for people who have risk factors such as obesity and heart disease with mild to moderate Covid -19. The antiviral pill has proved valuable in fighting all variants of the virus during trial including the delta variant. This class of antivirals works by introducing errors into the viral genome. The mutation inhibits the virus from replicating. As a result, the viral load stays low and the brutality of the illness reduces drastically.

The drug is to be taken within three to five days of symptoms showing. Consumption of the drug will prevent the hospitals from overflowing because it serves to prevent further progression of the disease to severe stages.

Vaccines vs Antiviral pills.

Vaccines and antiviral drugs are both essential in responding to the pandemic.

Conventional vaccines work by introducing weakened/attenuated viruses to the body to awaken the immune system. Vaccines work to minimize risk/prevent an infection. Vaccination causes memory immune cells to form. When an infection takes place, these cells promptly recognize the virus and inhibit harsh symptoms. When a vaccinated person comes into contact with a virus, the immunity is able to mount a response much more effectively.

Antiviral pills on the other hand treat people that have already been infected albeit in their initial stages. Administration of antiviral drugs is within a specified timeframe. Could be shortly after exposure.

Which organs does Covid-19 affect?

Covid-19 mainly attacks the lungs but can also affect other organs such as the kidneys, heart and liver.

Side effects of molnupiravir.

Based on the information revealed by the producing company, the drug does not seem to have any serious side effects. Even people vaccinated against Covid-19 can take this drug. However, it is important to note that people react differently to certain drugs. Some experts are skeptical about the safety of the drug. Research has shown that some of the drugs in the same class as molnupiravir contribute to birth defects in animals.

In less developed countries, the drug might be less effective reason being the drug needs to be administered within five days of symptoms onset. This means massive testing and diagnosis. Third world countries lack the resources and capacity to conduct rigorous testing.

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