My message to patients with a chronic illness.

Dear conqueror,

I am debating in my mind whether to call you patient or survivor and I settled on conqueror .Why? Because I know that you will beat this condition you are battling. But first, How are you? I hope you are feeling better than you were yesterday.

Chronic illnesses are diseases that last longer than a year and require long term medical attention~ CDC. Examples of chronic illnesses include; diabetes, arthritis, dementia, cancer, heart diseases and stroke et cetera.

Managing a chronic illness can be so grueling for anyone. Life might never be the same. I understand that chronic illness means a lifetime of medication and a drastic change of lifestyle as well. Figuring your way around handling the illness is a process that might take a while to grasp. However, the good news is, with time managing your condition will become second nature. Remember to be gracious with yourself. You can handle this, that I know for sure. Do not overwhelm yourself with unrealistic expectations. Take it a day at a time.

The first diagnosis will elicit feelings of sadness and feelings of guilt. Acknowledge the feelings. They are valid, just don’t let them hold you captive. Doctors too have a hard time breaking this kind of information to their patients.

Here are practical steps you can take to better your health;

•Talk openly to your doctor-be actively involved from the diagnosis to the treatment. Ask questions if possible develop a relationship with your doctor beyond the office visits. In case you are not convinced feel free to ask for a second opinion.

•Talk to a trusted friend, a therapist or join a support group. Sometimes all the medicine you need is a listening ear and maybe a good laugh.

•Please adhere to medication as prescribed by the physician-Dismiss the urge to self medicate or to discontinue treatment when symptoms subside.

•Learn as much as you can about your condition-knowledge is power. You will feel more in charge and that could translate to better results.

•Acknowledge your thoughts and feelings-it is normal to feel sad from time to time. It is not normal to let negative feelings and thoughts control you.

•Finally, ask for help from family and friends incase you are not able to perform your regular activities.

Our utmost desire is to be the right person at the right time. We want to help you minimize financial risk and as a result alleviate your suffering. We want to offer a helping hand, to be the partner you can rely on. By joining our community, which is free by the way-you get to access quality healthcare at affordable prices at any of our partner hospitals. To get started click here .We have consultants on board for all your healthcare needs. You dial, we deliver.

You will overcome. Good job, for making it this far.

With love, Joy.

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