Welcome to Poplar Hospital

At the heart of Ngara just about a kilometer from Globe Round About, along Chambers Road, lies a new state-of-the-art medical facility with a sign between the two gates welcoming you to Poplar Hospital. A quick look around quickly informs us that the second gate is for easy access to cater for accident and emergency cases. Following COVID-19 measures in place at the entrance, you will find a sink to wash your hands or sanitize. The reception room is cozy with comfortable seats and an elegant reception area. Hanged on the wall are placards of the mission vision and core values of the facility, in another one a portrait of the current president and another one showing directions.

We meet with Mr. Innocent the director of operations to give us a quick tour of the facility and also ask a few questions about the facility. Poplar Hospital is a level IV health facility established in the year 2021 with the aim of providing quality health care services to the community by offering general outpatient, inpatient, maternity, theater, dental, specialized clinics among other services.

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The ground floor is room to a pharmacy, consultation rooms, triage, dressing room, casualty, a well-equipped lab, x-ray and male wards. The colors on the wall alternate between a shade of turquoise, white, a shade of green, and maroon. A quick look around the male ward shows an emergency system installed with the switches conveniently located next to the headrest of each bed with numbers indicated. Upon pressing the nursing station receives an emergency alarm with the bed number from where the distress call has originated from.

A flight of stairs upwards lands you to the female wards, specialist clinics, consultation rooms, a well-equipped dental room that is occupied by a resident dentist from India, and the pediatric ward. The female ward has the same design as the male wards with the biggest of rooms having four beds and an easily accessible restroom. A cubicle curtain surrounds each of the four beds to provide a private enclosure for the patients. 

Two flights of stairs down lands us to the basement which has an ultra-modern theatre and maternity. They both have a door from the outside well situated that you can access the maternity and theatre straight from the main gate without having to go through any other rooms. The laundry room, kitchen, and a small room housing several gas cylinders for the different types of gases used in a health facility, distributed through an elaborate system to various parts of the hospital depending on where the gas is used from wards to the theatre.

Get to know more about Poplar hospital by watching this youtube video

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