Understand blood pressure and body composition.


Blood pressure is the physical force of blood against the walls of your arteries. Arteries transport blood from the heart to body organs. Blood pressure is measured using two numbers the diastolic and systolic. Firstly, there is the diastolic number. This is usually the number at the bottom of the reading, It is the pressure of the arteries when the heart rests in between beats. Secondly, there is the systolic number which is the reading taken when your heart beats.


This is the term that describes the percentage of bone density, fat and muscle in your body. Body composition is important because it helps determine the health of your body. Body composition is expressed in terms of water, fats, carbohydrates, proteins and genetic material(DNA).


•Severe recurring headaches

•Fatigue and confusion

•Loss of clarity in vision

•Irregular heartbeat and chest pain


•Blood in the urine

•Pounding in the chest, ears or neck.


•Reducing sodium intake levels

•Eating a healthy diet rich in vegetables and fruits

•Getting regular exercise-experts recommend thirty minutes of exercise each day.

•Losing weight if you are overweight.

•Limiting alcohol and smoking.

•Getting enough sleep. Insufficient sleep directly translates to an increased risk of hypertension, heart diseases and stroke.

Most importantly, ensure you consult a doctor for medical prescriptions and advice.

Most often than not, Diabetes and Blood Pressure go hand in hand. This is because they have the same predisposing factors. For instance; being obese, living a sedentary lifestyle and having family history of the diseases just to name a few. November is National Diabetes Month, in that regard, we have done a series on our social media platforms and blogpost on diabetes. Be sure to check that out.

In conclusion, our partners, White Oak Medical Centre are conducting free blood pressure, blood sugar screening and body composition screening. This offer runs from the 13th to the 14th of November from 9AM to 4PM.Remember screening saves lives!

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