Understanding Digital Health

The digital space is changing rapidly over time as companies rush to provide their services to a wider online market. There has been a rise of international companies leaning towards digital media for sales, e-commerce websites like Alibaba, Amazon, transport companies like Uber and Bolt. This has led local companies to adopt these strategies that help them scale the heights of their businesses. Such companies have been built to replicate some of the international companies’ services on a local level with their main selling point being that they are local hence are able to fully meet the needs of the local market.

Most infectious diseases have been conquered through antibiotics and vaccinations. However, with lifestyle changes diseases such as diabetes, obesity and hypertension have been on the rise. Modern lifestyle does not leave much time for exercise or uptake of a healthy diet leading to an increase in unhealthy habits and deterioration of health which further leads to lifestyle diseases. Most of these lifestyle diseases such as diabetes are silent and don’t have early symptoms and require timely screening to get detected. Cancer can only be treated if diagnosed at an early stage. Early detection and treatment of a host of ailments and diseases translate to a better chance of recovery. According to a report on Non-Communicable Diseases in 2016 by the Ministry of Health, “About 40% of deaths in Kenya are caused by non-communicable diseases which are as a result of lack of access to preventive healthcare.” In addition, close to 10 percent of Kenyans aged between 40 and 69 years are said to have a cardiovascular disease risk of 30 percent or above. These statistics show the need for providing preventive healthcare services to everyone.

Early detection means offering treatment at a more favorable stage or taking action to prevent the disease. It is important to have a coordinated, strategic prevention approach that promotes healthy behavior, helps early detection and diagnosis of disease, supports people of every age, and eliminates health disparities. For example, among people with Diabetes, annual eye and foot exams can reduce vision loss and lower-extremity amputations. Similarly, keeping a healthy BP and healthy blood cholesterol levels greatly reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

SAHL Health is a digital health company innovating unique products that improve access to medical care, health information and disease prevention. Towards achieving our vision and mission it’s with pleasure to introduce to you a new digital health e-commerce platform, first in Kenya. To be accessed through the Health E-commerce Website which shall enable individuals to:

1. To purchase various health checks from basic to comprehensive to be redeemed at various partner health providers (heart risks cancer, diabetes, cardiac risks, cholesterol risks, kidney functions)

2. To purchase individual tests with an option of choosing the test to be done at the comfort of your home or office but also go to our nearest health provider. 

3. To purchase imaging & diagnostic tests (CT Scan, MRI, Mammogram, Endoscopy) as you redeem at any of our partner health providers. 

4. To purchase consultations of specialists or general doctors at better rates with help to plan your appointments. 

The e-commerce is open to the public but members access the partner facilities at a discounted rate. Becoming a SAHL member guarantees best prices.

Also check out how to save on your yearly health and wellness bills

A Preventive Health Check-up aims to identify and minimize risk factors in addition to detecting illnesses at an early stage. It provides many direct benefits to the individual such as:

  • Comfort- Saves you from the distress of uncomfortable, painful symptoms and medical procedures.
  • Economy- It is more economical to invest in an annual preventive health check-up rather than going to the hospital in case of an emergency owing to the expensive medical care. 
  • Perks- It is an investment. Take advantage of any preventive benefits that your insurance company offers.
  • Inexpensive- Weigh the relatively inexpensive cost of regular check-ups against the enormous expense of major care such as cancer treatment or long-term home healthcare. Major medical expenses often burn a major hole into one’s lifetime of savings. The years of frugally planning, saving and investing in order to enjoy your retirement years can be erased by neglecting physical health during those same years.

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